Why I started Youtube channel and failed commercially


Everyone dreams of becoming a YouTuber.


I also wanted to run YouTube channel, as I have a drive to do anything I want to do.


After contemplating on which topic to choose, I decided to make videos on  comparing similar idioms and expressions in my favorite foreign languages ​​(English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean). (Channel link)


I have uploaded videos for about 2 years from 2019, but it was not commercially successful. I didn’t have any regrets because I just did what I wanted to do, and although there are only a few people, it was a pleasure to see people commenting and interacting with them.


I pondered it while talking with my friends. What was not working well?


In retrospect, there were several reasons:


1) Not entertaining enough: This is inevitable, as my channel explains origins for expressions in foreign languages, but in hindsight I should have added more entertainment elements more than educational elements.

2) Narration without a human face: There are some YouTubers who succeed without showing their face, but I know for sure that revealing their face usually gets more views.

3) Popularity vs my want: I think this is probably the biggest reason. So far, when I write ebooks, run YouTube, and do blogging, I have chosen topics that I liked writing about as opposed to what the audience wants. In other words, I have not thought about, “would the public want these topics?”


So, now what?


I have the desire to try again by fixing the shortcomings above. But now I’m taking a break for a while, so I don’t know if I can start again. When I made a YouTube video, I used one of the two weekend days to make a video, which is a big commitment.


Still, I want to re-try and run a YouTube channel again with a topic that does not deviate too much from the current topic, with fixing shortcomings mentioned above.


Let’s take a look at what are considerations when choosing YouTube channel topics.


This article is also written in Korean.


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