Connecting different pipelines/platforms for synergy


When operating various pipelines/media platforms, sometimes we have some contents that are the same or similar, are published in different formats across different channels.


In my case, I operated a foreign language expression comparison YouTube channel, and based on this, I publish an e-book comparing foreign language expressions.


When connecting pipelines in this way, synergy often occurs. For example:


1) Promote online lectures on your own blog. Subscribers who come across the blog will naturally be able to listen to and buy online lectures on the same topic.

2) Promote e-books with similar contents on your own YouTube channel. In this case, since YouTube is free, you could show a teaser and lead them to refer to the e-book for details.

3) In addition to this, you will be able to promote in many ways by connecting the content of your theme/topic/business to a diverse set of pipelines, such as online lectures, e-books, blogs, YouTube, and Instagram.


Of course, there will be pipelines that would not work.


The same topic can be posted on different channels with slight modifications. Those who only run a blog can consider using various channels such as YouTube or e-books, and those who run YouTube channels can consider publishing e-books and running Instagram.


You can find Korean article from here.


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